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Focus the quality management at the scene, creat the excellent quality

Release Time:2016-12-27


  ——- Austrian company on-site quality management Gu

Asked counseling officially launched

     Order winter solstice, warm as spring. December 21, 2016, Shenzhen Austrian force die-casting Hardware Products Co., Ltd. on-site quality management consultants counseling in the "winter solstice" officially launched. Chairman and Prime Minister Mr. Yu Zhaodong, Vice President Wu Yanai, Jianfeng business management consultant Yang Chuncheng teacher and the company above the cadres attended the mee

      On-site quality management is one of the most important aspects of total quality management. Do a good job on the spot quality management to ensure that the production site to produce a stable, so that enterprises increase production efficiency, reduce waste, reduce production costs and improve product quality. The counseling is the Austrian company to strengthen the site quality management, optimize the production process and improve product quality an important starting point.

      I hope that ... ... "At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Yu Zhaodong delivered an important speech, he said, the company on the site quality management consultant counseling has high hopes. Conference stressed three points: First, why the company To ask the health peak business management to do on-site quality management consultant counseling; the second is put forward the expectations of this counseling; third is the middle of the staff's encouragement and requirements; also shows the company to implement on-site quality management consultant counseling, Long-term development of the company has far-reaching significance.

      Project leader and deputy general manager Wu Yanai stressed that on-site quality management is the lifeline of any work, once again elaborated on the purpose of on-site quality management consultant counseling, hope that all middle-level staff of the quality management consultant counseling to attach great importance and close cooperation The And on-site quality management consultant counseling project set up a special project committee, the scene appointed the department manager, director and other important staff for the project committee members。

      The training of the teacher, Jianfeng business management consultant Yang Chuncheng first of the Austrian company's site quality management made a positive, but also pointed out that the company at this stage in the data analysis and other aspects of the existing deficiencies。 Hope that all cadres to seize the site quality management consultant counseling this opportunity to cherish and use the company to give this study, training benefits, improve the performance of individual work and the company's market competitiveness。

      “I vowed to the dedication and enthusiasm of the dedication, the pursuit of excellence and perseverance and dedication ... ... "Quality Department Peng Wenlong led all the middle-level cadres to carry out the scene of the oath to start the General Assembly to a climax. Vowed sonorous, blood boiling, 2017 all middle-level staff on the company site management consultant counseling solemn commitment.We clear the direction of the future work, shoulder the mission, the Austrian "two highly" team spirit embodied most vividly.